TracMac Farm Equipment: transportable fencing station keeps farmers heading in the right direction


DROUIN machinery company TracMac Farm instrumentation has created fencing easier with its transportable work station.

The Fencing chum, which may be raised and captive by a tractor’s front or rear bale forks, has places to store posts, wire, tools and materials.

Prototype creator and farmer Allan woodlouse same the thought was born “basically from frustration that between jobs generally you’ve solely got a pair of hours spare to repair things and by the time you discover everything (for the fence) and take it up there, your time’s already up.”

Mr woodlouse hopes it will save the common farmer hours by keeping each item that’s required for fence construction or maintenance along, with larger storage areas for posts or wire, easy-to-reach tool holders and extra storage boxes.

When not in use, the Fencing chum will occupy an area within the corner of the shed.

The alternative factor that i prefer concerning it’s that it keeps it as a one-person operation,” he said.

The Fencing chum was a well-liked exhibit at Farm World in Gippsland earlier this month.

A few folks came up and same they need similar creations, however there’s none on the market in and of itself,” mister woodlouse same.

The Fencing Budy prices $3600 (+GST).

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