What is a Cartridge Filter?


Cartridge filtration is one amongst the foremost versatile sorts of filtration. the quality size makes for several differing types of factory-made filter cartridges. the foremost common size is 2½” OD x 1″ ID with lengths in increments of 10″ up to 40″ long. The second commonest size is 4½” OD x 10″ or 20″ long and are used once a lot of dirt holding capability is required. For our discussion here, we are going to keep on with the 2½” outside diameter cartridge.

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Of the lots, if not thousands, of uses, a number of the a lot of common are:

Pre-Filtration to Ro and alternative forms of membranes
Industrial water filtration
Beverage filtration
Food production
Incoming method water filtration
Swimming pool water
Ink & Paint
Plating Chemicals
Wine Clarification
Filter cartridge housings settle for single cartridges of to many cartridges. The housing is sized supported the rate, consistency of liquid, filtration potency needed and allowable clean differential pressure drop. many purchasers can use existing pump pressure. it’s vital to understand all the higher than data so as to properly size the filter housing.

We at High Purity Northwest skid mount filter housings in custom configurations to unravel all forms of filtration issues. Our skid packages might embrace pumps, motor/starters or full management panels. we have a tendency to then decide the suitable cartridge supported the need. for example, I had a client at a electricity dam that had a large quantity of protoctist. we have a tendency to put in a filtration system with strainers and cartridge filters to safeguard a water cooled bearing. we have a tendency to found that easy string wound filter cartridges did the most effective job at holding giant amounts of protoctist.

This 2 stage filtration system was designed for a small still to get rid of particulate, halogen and alternative organic chemicals from incoming water.

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Band clamp closures, as shown within the image higher than, are the foremost economical. they’re a small amount tough to maneuver. If you don’t mind defrayment a touch a lot of, the swing bolt closure could be a a lot of nicer housing; as shown here:

filter housing

This filter housing are wont to filter organic compound.


The water returning into your house from a municipal or spring water offer will contain impurities like halogen and sediment. the correct cartridge filter will take away these contaminates, providing clear, healthy water to your family. a full house cartridge filter system treats the water at a central purpose before it enters the plumbing and is distributed to taps, showers and appliances like the dishwasher and washer. this suggests that you’ll fancy the advantages of fresh, water from each regulator.

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